Dancing (Em)Body Transform Alicia Grayson & Sabine Parzer coteaching

31 Mar 2021 -  5 Apr 2021
31 Mar 2021 @ 9.30 am 5 Apr 2021 @ 4.30 pm
Prana Yogastudio - Mariahilfer Straße, 82, Wien, Austria - Show map
Dancing (Em)Body Transform Alicia Grayson & Sabine Parzer coteaching - Prana Yogastudio - Wien, Austria

Dancing (Em)Body Transform - Holistic Dance Intensive 2
Alicia Grayson & Sabine Parzer coteaching

Authentic Movement & Improvisation & Contact Improvisation & Somatics & embodied reflection

We accept and invite the full range of embodied humanness through dance, movement, touch, sound, language and expression. Moving toward a full range of humanness is a primary (conscious or unconscious) aim in all of us. We believe that we have an innate sense of our full potential available and ready to be released. We also call it "coming home to oneself through the body". In these 6 days we will explore the play between the masculine/ feminine, acrobatic/ subtle, active/ receptive qualities of being and dancing.

We open a space for healing and nurturing the unseen, unknown and secret places within the Self and celebrate subtle power, clarity and expansion. We use dance and related techniques to let the bodies speak, to physicalize content and to embody wisdom from within. Meditations and visualizations clarify our intent, somatic investigations support our integration. We work with solo, partnering and group processes.

The workshop is within a frame of the context of our larger lives and connects with deeper longings that yearn to be known and manifested. We will give tools and practices to take the insights and discoveries of the workshop back into our lives.

This workshop will be held in english.

Alicia Grayson has been passionately involved with dancing, teaching and performing CI for the past 31 years. She has taught contact improvisation at several universities, teaches CI, yoga and pilates in Boulder, CO and regularly travels internationally to teach. Authentic movement, BMC, yoga and nature are important influences on her dancing and teaching. As a registered psychotherapist and certified Hakomi and perinatal therapist she works with clients in somatic psychotherapy and movement education. www.aliciagrayson.com

Sabine Parzer (AT)
Is head and founder of the Holistic Dance Institute (founded 2010). In 2012 she also created the Contact Festival Austria, which she has been the artistic director of until 2017. Her professional experience spans 30 years of teaching, performing, choreographing and researching in the USA, Europe, Russia, Israel and Brazil.www.holistic-dance.at

Preis/ Price:
Regulaer 540.- / bring a friend 480.-
TT's 440.-/ bring a friend 380.-

Holistic Dance Intensives Series 1,2, und 3 (bei Anmeldung bis zum 1.2.2020/ Registration till 1.2.2020):
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Prana Yogastudio

Mariahilfer Straße, 82