Aula + Jam de Contato Improvisação

Regular Jam
29 Feb 2020
29 Feb 2020 @ 8.20 pm 10.20 pm
ESYSP - Hotel Matsubara - , São Paulo, Brazil - Show map
The event happens every Saturday until 19/12/2020
Aula + Jam de Contato Improvisação - ESYSP - Hotel Matsubara - São Paulo, Brazil

Regular Jam preceded by Class 

Class: 7:00-8:20pm

Jam: 8:20-10:20pm


Teacher: Bruno Garrote.


Bruno Garrote is an experienced and multi-faceted professor and instructor, body- and theory-wise. His writings include a PhD (2016) and Masters (2013) by the University of São Paulo in Law and Philosophy, besides books, articles, reviews, translations, poetries etc., which include other fields of knowledge. Some of his formal trainings and certifications are in AcroYoga, Yoga, Contact Improvisation and Expansion of Sexuality Therapy. He is constantly updating himself and is open to learn and study with professionals from distinct areas.

Through a variety of theoretical and practical workshops, Bruno transmits his study of consciousness and movement via mobility, meditation, dance, āsana and massage. He is fascinated in how movement highlights the parallels and paradoxes of the habitual-creative, the i-other and the body-consciousness, and always brings the philosophy of movement into his offerings. Some other areas of interest include epistemology, biopolitics, political morality and minority studies.

Bruno has had the pleasure and honour to guide people in his home of São Paulo, Brazil, and also in national and international gatherings and conventions. He is a polyglot (Portuguese, English, Spanish, German) and also a vegan (for health, for the animals and for the environment).


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Instagram: @garrote.bruno


ESYSP - Hotel Matsubara

São Paulo