CI Teacher Training Freiburg 23/24

13 Sep 2023
13 Sep 2023 @ 10.00 am 4.00 pm
TIP school for Dance, Improvisation and Performance - Lörracher Str 45, Freiburg, Germany - Show map
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CI Teacher Training Freiburg 23/24 - TIP school for Dance, Improvisation and Performance - Freiburg, Germany



in Freiburg, Germany


Annual 4 Week Training Program



Many people with a strong desire to teach CI in diverse contexts wish to have support for their path as well as having:

a peers group to share questions and doubts with, to gain confidence and be  accompanied through their process.

a safe place to practice articulation and languaging of an experience to be transmitted or shared.

an environment to nourish and question their teaching practice and resources related to CI transmission/facilitation/teaching, to develop their own particular CI teaching style and strengthen their voice.



We propose a training structure with 4x one-week training in a closed group over one year.
In between the training weeks there is time to continue your research/practice, find answers to questions, and hopefully find more questions.
As part of the training, participants will co-teach a class and receive feedback from the group.


For Whom?

If what you’ve read made you curious, you feel the desire to have the support from a team of experienced CI teachers and peers, and you are willing to enter into a group process that will help you find your way into teaching, this could be the right program for you.
You will need to apply latest 4 weeks in advance with a biography (dance & CI experience) and a letter of motivation. Teaching language will be English.


Content of the Program:

We will share our motivation to be in this program and the questions we all bring.
CI classes will be offered as models, taught by one of the teachers’ team.
We will observe, talk and discuss about how to look at classes and how to analyze them. Through the discussions you will find your own filters and ways.
We will open space for first experiments offering co-teaching labs and discussions to a certain topic of interest and will also propose labs to your questions.
We will share resources, strategies and scores, which will facilitate access to new material/thoughts/ideas.


Questions about teaching could be:

What is CI for me? 

Which content / aspects / values do I wish to provide through my teaching?

How do I wish to teach (environment/quality/atmosphere of the class)?

How do I prepare a class?

How do I lead a class?

Safety issues for a class or a jam. Do I need them?

What is a CI jam for me, how would I host one?

CI and socio-politics: What CI has to do with our society?

CI as a performance art or/and a social dance?




We provide different structures to give/receive personal feedback within the entire group and small groups.




We will encourage you to co-teach one entire class towards the end of the program. You will choose your group and your interest. You will receive feedback from the group and/or the teachers in your chosen format.
You cannot fail the program, you will deal with the feedback you receive in the way that is the most useful to yourself.
In CI there is no certification, anybody who wishes can become a CI teacher, this program is a frame for you to develop your teaching practice and skills.



Dates 2023/24

13 - 17 / 09 / 2023
01 - 05 / 11 / 2023
03 - 07 / 01 / 2024
03 - 07 / 04 / 2024


You can only register for the full training.

Generally, there will always be 2-3 teachers co-teaching/facilitating (Daniela, Eckhard, Melanie).


price, just ask


Teaching hours: 5 hours per day

Accommodation: We can help if necessary

Language: English

(we do also speak German, French and Spanish)


Info & Registration:



Daniela Schwartz (F/RA)

Nomadic artist, involved in the practice, performance and teaching of Contact Improvisation and Improvisation since 1998. She travels throughout EU and the Americas giving workshops in various institutional and private contexts.

In Alsace, her base of action, she is a member of Cie Dégadézo since 2005.  She is co-organizer and co-artistic director of contactfestival freiburg in Germany since 2012.

She was part of the conception, organization and conduction team of the ISS Improvisation Summer School in collaboration with the Université Côte d'Azur, France.
I’m interested in the ecosomatic practices as multidirectional movements in the present moment and as material for research, thought and creation.
My main interests are the complexity of the interrelationnal dialague and the virtuosity of attention and imagination ankered in the physical experience.


Eckhard Müller (GER/F)

Performer and teacher for Contact Improvisation & Improvisation, co-founder of the contactfestival freiburg and the dance company degadezo in Strasbourg. Further areas of experience in Somatics, contemporary movement techniques, acrobatics and yoga.

I am teaching CI and Improvisation since the early 90ies worldwide. These techniques are also the foundation for my SKIN Interactive Performance Concept project, that I have realized in many cities all over South America and Europe with my partner Dani.

My main objective is to find to a mutual communication with our partner. In my lessons I try to awaken a playful approach to our bodies in motion, the associated physical forces and touch. In general, I am interested in freedom, lightness and flow in the meeting with our partner and the group.


Melanie Seeger (GER)

Melanie lives and works in Freiburg as a freelance dancer and dance teacher. She gives regular courses in new dance, improvisation, contact improvisation (CI) and Vinyasa yoga. Together with Eckhard Müller and Bernd Ka, Melanie teaches the advanced CI training program by Bewegungs-art Freiburg.

Apart from her teaching activities, Melanie performs in various stage projects. She did a two-year training in dance and expression therapy at Wendpunkt and graduated as dancer and performer at TIP (school for dance, improvisation and performance) in Freiburg. Currently she is undergoing Body Mind Centering® training to become somatic movement educator (SME).

Melanie first discovered her love for dance when she was in her early 20s. Since then she has been intensively researching various contemporary dance forms and techniques, enjoying going deeper into body-aware understanding of healthy, sustainable movement.

TIP school for Dance, Improvisation and Performance

Lörracher Str 45