Material for the Spine and Contact Improvisation

17 Oct 2022 -  19 Oct 2022
17 Oct 2022 @ 10.00 am 19 Oct 2022 @ 5.00 pm
Studio MOVITY - , Uster, Switzerland - Show map
Material for the Spine and Contact Improvisation - Studio MOVITY - Uster, Switzerland

Wir werden mit Margarita in die Welt der "Material for the Spine" eintauchen und mit Dorothée die Contact Impro auskosten.

Die Contact Impro wird sich auf diese 4 Richtungen fokusieren:


-Haut, die sensitivität der Komunikation

-Muskeln, mehr und weniger, wie kalibriere ich den Muskeltonus

-Knochen, volles Gewicht, volle Energie, alles

Der Workshop wird auf englisch unterrichtet falls gewünscht mit deutscher Übersetzung.

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Contact Improvisation is pretty easy to learn. It is also one of the hardest forms to dive deeper in.
That is why we can get bored as practitioners. That is why we can get stuck teaching the same material as teachers.

One of the solutions is to learn THE MATERIAL where there is no easy answers. Where the game will never be won and the only prize is to continue playing and to stay curious.

It is easy to feel connected to the bodymind flow during simple and familiar movements.
As soon as the body moves into unfamiliar pathways that sense of CONNECTED FREE FLOW and PLEASURE can get lost. The body tenses up because of the unknown situation.

We explore the depth of the Material for the spine with Margarita and the ever changing ways of Contact Improvisation with Dorothée


We will focus as well on this 4 points and play with them, let them be responsive to the circumstance of the dance in the improvisation

-Aura/Electromagnetic field/space betwenn

-Skinn and the comunication with it

-Muscles, how much and when, how can I calibrate the potentiall of it

-Bones, all of energy, all of weight. all timing


Keep checking in ..........there will be more info soon


Region Zürich / Winterthur