Contact Improvisation: Living Dialogue Space

11 Oct 2019 -  13 Oct 2019
11 Oct 2019 @ 5.00 pm 13 Oct 2019 @ 3.00 pm
Ponderosa e.V. - Gutshof 3, Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Germany - Show map
Contact Improvisation: Living Dialogue Space - Ponderosa e.V. - Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Germany

will deconstruct patterns and useful ways of finding coordination that no longer serve us. We will dive into an improvisational flow of integrative practices which draw from Kundalini Yoga, fake Klein Technique, Qigong, Contact Improvisation, release technique & Psychic Jogging! Our time will focus on the physical exploration and integration of our preconceptions of our various movement practices. Touch based healing? Goal orientated abstractions?Technique? Dance? back-space alignment ? Compositionally raising questions is where the use of an alchemical mind comes in. This focused potential can come into play for energetic pauses, transitions and shifts in our dance making and improvisational dancing. 

Kundalini Yoga articulates and connects us to our energetic body. Kundalini is especially known to define itself “as a practice that is whatever you experience it to be”. We will learn the basic practice of Kundalini kriyas, which are exercises to raise body awareness, to activate the spine, and to engage in very specific breath work. We will accentuate the use of alignment and efficiency in our postures and activate questions about spiritual dogma, the meaning in movement and tune our attention to repetitive motion that possibly enhances strength, non-doing as an option and the need for freedom and fucking fun in our dancing bodies. Duration, mobility, and skewing what is useful in the improvisational toolbox of our lives.

Ponderosa e.V.

Gutshof 3