Contakids Teacher's Training

3 Jan 2023 -  9 Jan 2023
3 Jan 2023 @ 1.00 pm 9 Jan 2023 @ 3.00 pm
Alcamparol - , toulouse, France - Show map

come and get tools for working with children and parents through movement and touch.

In ContaKids, by working with the body, movement and physical contact, parents and children develop a new physical form of communication, which is enjoyable for both; children enhance and improve their motor skills and self-confidence, and parents develop a sense of trust in their child and themselves.

Training content 

  • Theoretical studies: background of the method's development, objectives and pedagogy, development and dynamics of a ContaKids class, dynamics facing parents and/or children, case studies.
  • Practical studies: movement classes (floor work, contact improvisation), learning/practicing ContaKids exercises (instructions and safety emphasis).
  • Observing live ContaKids classes.
  • Apprentice teaching and simulations.
  • Observing and leading a group dynamic.  
  • Starting point - marketing and reaching out with a ContaKids course.