Moldova Dance Festival Contact+ 2024

7 Sep 2024 -  15 Sep 2024
7 Sep 2024 @ 10.00 am 15 Sep 2024 @ 8.00 pm
Eugène Ionesco National Theatre - , Chisinau, Moldova - Show map
Moldova Dance Festival Contact+ 2024 - Eugène Ionesco National Theatre - Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova Dance Festival Contact+, 2024
7 - 15 September 2024

!We’re thrilled to share: that this year's festival is a milestone for us, it's our anniversary!

The 15th edition of the International Festival of Contact Improvisation and Contemporary Dance in Moldova.
🔸Contact Improvisation 🔸 Somatics
🔸 Contemporary dance 🔸 Performances


It is just around the corner, and it brings us great joy to make it the most delicious and inspiring event yet.
💥 That's why we are doing our best to cook a very tasty «Dancing Cake» that will impact and awaken all our senses
Some of the secret ingredients are:
▪︎ A team of dedicated teachers
▪︎ Captivating and inspiring Performances from all over Europe
▪︎ Incredible mix of people from all corners of the world
▪︎ And, of course, plenty of space for Contact DANCE
Join us, taste with us, and add your own flavor to this blend ;)


▪︎ Dance lovers, we are embracing you and waiting for you !
▪︎ But regardless of your level of experience, you’ll be able to taste the delights of our festival. If you feel in your heart related to the dance, movement, or art —> our doors are open for you.


First of all: A LOT OF DANCE ;)
▪︎ You’ll dive into the world of contact dance, where many fulfilling, poetic encounters will wait for you.
▪︎ You’ll join a warm and welcoming community of people who are passionate about dance, movement, and art from different parts of the world.
▪︎ You’ll experience the moving power of performative art and
▪︎ You’ll have the opportunity to meet inspiring teachers and true masters of their craft and be challenged to perceive your body, movement, and dance in new ways.
🍒 All of this can be found in September in one simple, charming, green, blooming, warm, and hospitable city - Chisinau, Moldova.

We can't wait to see you there!


▪︎ Tornado project - performance laboratory
26.08 - 5.09 [performance: 04.09]
▪︎ Youth Program
6 - 8 September

▪︎ Contact Improvisation: Classes, Intensives, Jams
7 - 15 September [during the day]
▪︎ Performances
7, 8, 13, 14, and 15 September [evenings]
from Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Latvia, Israel

📝Both parts will take place in the central area of the city of Chisinau, Moldova


▪︎ Olga Zitluhina, Latvia
▪︎ Jurii Koniar, Slovenia
▪︎ Virginia Negru, Romania
▪︎ Catalin Diaconu, Romania
▪︎ Serghio Palamares, Spain
▪︎ Nica Andrea Portavia, Italy
▪︎ Violeta Matiushenco, Ukraine
▪︎ Serghei Semicev, Ukraine
▪︎ Olivia Xourt Mesa, Chili, Israel [in progress]
▪︎ Yochai Ginton, Israel [in progress]


Early Bird - until 15th June
▪︎ 350 Euro
Usual - until 1st September
▪︎ 400 Euro
Late bird - after 1st September
▪︎ 450 Euro

Price includes
▪︎ Entrance to all: Master classes, Intensives, JAMs, Performances
▪︎ Food: snacks
▪︎ Access to: after-parties, administrative assistance, telegram group

Registration link
More information
▪︎ Site:


▪︎ Food and accommodation are not included in the festival price, so you'll need to take care of them by yourself.
▪︎ You should look either for a hotel, an apartment (shared with other participants), or a hostel.
▪︎ In the center of Chisinau: There are enough restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and supermarkets for any taste and wallet size, so there should be no problems with food.

Finally, there will be plenty of space for dancing and enjoying the warm autumn weather at the festival.
🍉 You can also look forward to the delicious harvest of vegetables and fruits, watermelons, and the warm hospitality of Moldova.


▪︎ Alexandra Soshnicova and Sergey Golovnea [dancers, performers, choreographers, teachers]
▪︎ Victoria Butanu - manager
▪︎ Team of Moldova Festival Contact+
▪︎ Contact Improvisation Community of Moldova
▪︎ Musical accompaniment led by Stan Potoku [musician]
▪︎ Olyga Braga, Tara Diamondbreath - communication and administrative support for participants

*Izosimova Nadya, Jenia Gheorghiev, Eugene Nedbailo, Ina Gordeeva, Andrey Pataroman, Kristina Mahu, Daniil Dinisyuk, Daniel Sunny, Tatiana Popescu


If you have questions, then you can and should write to the festival email address:
or to our pages
we will be happy to help!

We are waiting for you!


▪︎ or @fest.contactplus

Eugène Ionesco National Theatre