Moving meditation - listening with contact improvisation

15 Jan 2020
15 Jan 2020 @ 7.00 pm 8.30 pm
Presence Yoga - Rosenborggata 16b, Oslo, Norway - Show map
The event happens every Wednesday until 17/06/2020
Moving meditation - listening with contact improvisation - Presence Yoga - Oslo, Norway

Listening practices:

these evenings are an invitation for a simple practise and exploration of embodies presence. the themes will change from week to week, and some elements are always there; the structure has spaces of stillness and spaces of movement, and you will be invited to move alone and together with each other. there is always possible to sit on the side for moments if you feel that is what you need. there is no music, the focus is more to listen within and to the experience of moving and being still.

Presence Yoga

Rosenborggata 16b

At Presence Yoga, we promote an energetic, friendly and non-competitive atmosphere. The teaching emphasis is on breathing, alignment, and safe technique.

Students are encouraged to develop sensitivity and awareness in their practice, which will enable them realize their potential. Hands on adjustments may be given by the teacher to facilitate this process. The environment is ideally suited to cultivating these elements, with a heated oak floor for optimum practice temperatures.