26 Dec 2021 -  2 Jan 2022
26 Dec 2021 @ 12.00 am 2 Jan 2022 @ 12.00 am
Centro Párraga - , Murcia, Spain - Show map
resilienz - Centro Párraga - Murcia, Spain

CI 50 Celebration. We are excited to celebrate with you 50Years of Contact Improvisation of believing and creating community. We will make a circle with hands together at the begining of our workshop in the 26th of December. To begin our workshop with the thought of this powerful world wide dance community.

movement /dance improvisation workshop
26 December 2021 – 2 January 2022
in Murcia city (Centro Párraga) and Caravaca de la Cruz
facilitated by Ingo Reulecke and Trinidad Martínez
guests Selu Herraiz (audio – visual) and Manuel  Sánchez-Guerrero

...Which aspects related to resilience can we translate into movement?

Let’s feedback from the words. Let’s allow words to feedback. Let’s be art and live in the moment.

Contact Improvisation: An inexhaustible search of being in the moment. Maybe it has something to do with resilience...

Centro Párraga

Region of Murcia