Revelation Tango #2 - Tango Neo Contact

8 May 2023
8 May 2023 @ 8.00 pm 10.00 pm
Gut Frohberg - , Käbschütztal / Krögis, Germany - Show map
Revelation Tango #2 - Tango Neo Contact - Gut Frohberg - Käbschütztal / Krögis, Germany

Tango Argentino
Neo/Alternative Tango


In the wonderful venue of GutFrohberg, 7 top teachers will share their passion and knowledge with us all. They developed their own sensitive way of teaching/facilitating, combining multiple interests and specialties.


Whatever your tango experience is, you can join us and find your own way in!
y calling on body's intelligence, we get into tango from body awareness,  we can play to deepen your dance technique.

Revelation Tango offers a tango 'road trip' along known and unknown paths. We  aspire for all dancers to connect in a soft, playful, musical embrace/connexion, in total respect for each other. Whatever style, whatever role, and whatever music you prefer, we look forward playing with connecting, sharing all the same floor !


With Gabriele Koch, Frédérique Mirande, Vio, Daniel Adrenaline, Roberto l'Ange, Ruth Rozelaer & Korey Ireland.


You choose if you join for 2, 4 or 6 days


All info on the Website (Deutsch/English) 

Gut Frohberg

Käbschütztal / Krögis