Scores, Composition and the Poetics of Presence

10 Jun 2024
10 Jun 2024 @ 11.00 am 4.00 pm Studio Cologne City (Aikido Schule) - Neusser Str. 26, Köln, Germany - Show map
Scores, Composition and the Poetics of Presence - Studio Cologne City (Aikido Schule) - Köln, Germany

Minimum 3 years regular CI experience

A playful and focused approach to scores. Includes: movement sourcing, tuning scores, ensemble states, authentic movement, instant composition and improvisation. For those interested in performing and those interested in not performing (for example: discovering our selves as improvisors, connecting with others through movement, deepening our movement practice)
We start with connecting to our bodies and then take it into group explorations. Getting lost. Composition as mediation. The material will range from compositional practice to exploring the intangibles (curiosity, vulnerability, commitment, presence). We will work with the spirit of exploration—not jumping to judgement /evaluation— and will learn as much by watching each other as by being watched. While the aim is to practice composition and explore the intangibles we will also undercut the hype of “performing” with the practice of witnessing.

Sourcing–connecting with your body, impulses + spontaneity

Ensemble states–tuning exercises, composition and non-composition,

Performance Jam–open space with intention and group focus, but less rigid than a formal performance.

Scores–the way in, Aesthetics–how we watch. Studio Cologne City (Aikido Schule)

Neusser Str. 26

220qm soft tatami mats

500m from Cologne Main Station

100m from Subway Station Ebertplatz

Free Parking 400m away Theodor-Heuss-Anlage