Silent Contact Festival

26 Sep 2022 -  2 Oct 2022
26 Sep 2022 @ 5.00 pm 2 Oct 2022 @ 12.00 am
Gomarduli Zen Garden - BARNOV 27, Gomarduli, Georgia - Show map
Silent Contact Festival - Gomarduli Zen Garden - Gomarduli, Georgia

Everyone is a message

This idea directed the course of events at the first festival and was firmly rooted in the basis of the second one. As we enter our 5 th year and lovingly craft the upcoming festival, we continue to expand the very same philosophy.

In silence, unable to verbally construct and project our usual self-image onto the social fabric of the festival group, we surrender to the unity of contact dance, allowing ourselves to dissolve in it and acquire a new identity. We observed that by limiting one mean of expression and giving full rights to the body to communicate, we become more attuned with our intuition, heighten our awareness and deepen our sensory perception.

As a consequence, we allow the world, and ourselves in it, to simply be and things to happen. Without really expecting this, we think we tapped into spiritually transformative potential of contact improvisation. Needless to say, we cannot wait to dive into the silent depths of contact dancing with everyone who will choose to be present at the festival this year.

Gomarduli Zen Garden

41.6639° N, 42.1968° E

Gomarduli is a contact improvisation retreat, educational center, international coliving and healthy food restaurant, located among the picturesque mountains of Adjara, with pure water, clean air and deep silence.


We host global cultural events and support local craft and food production.

We create a model of hatchery to share inspiration and confidence for the growth of a new humanity.


Our practice here is centered around 4 main areas: meditation, yoga, dance and bodywork.

We practice tea ceremony and qigong, different types of yoga and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, breathing techniques, somatics and osteopathy.

Classes are taught by the resident as well as guest teachers.


We have 5 cottages with beautiful views, a fireplace and everything you need for comfortable outdoor living, as well as 2 yoga and dance spaces, a chillout, restaurant and co-working space. We offer 10 single rooms and 10 shared double rooms. Each room has a balcony and bathroom, and each house has WiFi. The rooms have mountain or forest views. Ground floor is a public space. Two houses have a hostel on the ground floor.