UNFURL - CI and Breathwork retreat

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20 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024 @ 3.00 pm 3.00 pm
Boulder Circus Center - 4747 26th St, Boulder, United States - Show map
UNFURL - CI and Breathwork retreat - Boulder Circus Center - Boulder, United States

This summer solstice, Alicia Grayson, Danny Balgooyen, and Spencer Jacobson cordially invite you to UNFURL with us in the gorgeous mountains of Evergreen, CO for a 4-day, 3-night exploration of contact improvisation and conscious breathwork.
Come immerse yourself in nature, tune into your primal essence, connect with community, and celebrate the solstice with reverence and play as we dive deep together into the potent medicines of contact improvisation and conscious breathwork.
At UNFURL you will have the opportunity to let go of the outside world, nourish and play in connection to self, others, and nature, and unfurl into the truest expressions of you.
Retreat Highlights:
Contact Improvisation Workshops & Jams led by Alicia Grayson (full bio below): Whether you are completely new to contact or an experienced practitioner, this is an opportunity to explore this powerful and playful non-verbal movement artform in a supportive and inclusive environment. Alicia is a world-class teacher and we are so lucky to have her share her wisdom right here at home in Colorado.
Breathwork Sessions led by Danny Balgooyen (full bio below): Explore the transformative potential of your breath as you release stagnant energies, tap into inner wisdom, and embrace self-love as the breath guides you deeper into your essence. Circular/Connected Breathing is a tool we can utilize to transform ourselves on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. This process activates the pineal gland, which helps us journey into expanded states of consciousness that connect us with our higher selves, resulting in profound experiences of clarity. The breath expresses with an active inhale and relaxing/surrendering exhale. There is a total of 50 minutes of active breathing and we will be laying down in a restorative position throughout. No experience needed. This is an amazing opportunity to be held by Danny’s leadership in a very supportive environment.
Idyllic Nature: Set on 40-acres, nestled in a beautiful valley in Evergreen, our venue is an idyllic backdrop for our journey. The venue is owned by our dear friend who loves and supports our work and our community. Wake up to morning walks, sauna, breathwork and a cold plunge
Community Connection: this is an opportunity for our community to get together and celebrate life! Share the beauty, joy, depth, and tenderness of a weekend of nourishing meals, breathwork, contact improvisation, and unfurling together. This retreat will support us to bring these connections back into our lives!
Together we’ll weave this tapestry of breath, movement, stillness and play.
We can’t wait to see who joins us.
How do I know if this is for me?
★If you have read this far and are feeling excitement
★You are looking to connect and deepen with like-minded community!
★You are new to contact improvisation and wanting a safe, supportive environment in which to learn. Seriously, the best way to start with CI is an immersion where you can really break through fears and blocks!
★You are an experienced CI dancer and looking to deepen your practice with the support of an amazing teacher like Alicia Grayson
★You are part of the Denver or Boulder dancing community and looking for a way to deepen with our wonderful tribe
Experience levels: all experience levels welcome! Especially if you are new to contact improvisation or breathwork.
Diverse backgrounds partial scholarships:
We understand that various forms of privilege can play a role in financial access to our containers. We believe that diversity is an important aspect of building a truly transformational journey and we desire to impact and support all people with our work. We are providing some partial scholarships for people from diverse backgrounds who may not otherwise be able to afford the full ticket price.
Partial scholarships are generally about 20-50% the cost of a regular-priced ticket.
Apply here: https://forms.gle/2bMKD1Z2LEsRb2dy6
About our venue:
Photo gallery available here: https://drive.google.com/.../1vIX6wbE9JTle3zapIrzDeCJpl9E...

Boulder Circus Center

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