Wild Contact - CI Workshop with Ulli Wittemann in Munich

22 Jun 2024 -  23 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 @ 11.00 am 23 Jun 2024 @ 3.00 pm
Lachdach Pling München - , München, Germany - Show map
Wild Contact - CI Workshop with Ulli Wittemann in Munich - Lachdach Pling München - München, Germany

In contact improvisation we generally place a lot of emphasis on
attentiveness and good listening, and usually also on softness and
and a smooth flow of movement. What does it look like when we
use these qualities as a basis for a research journey into the border area of where it becomes more intense, faster, rougher and more powerful?
Or even softer and more sensual, where we can explore the sexual energy that can appear in some dances, not into artistic movement, but to explore and enjoy it in an artistic manner/without getting into sexual actions.

On this weekend we will use elements from different martial arts and my PLAYFIGHT system, from conscious encounter and non-violent communication and of course Contact Impro. Step by step we will approach the limits with clearly structured exercises and together we will create a safe frame for joyful exploration in free dance and play moments. The moments of verbal exchange will give us a deeper understanding of what we are doing.

research questions -
"What is actually allowed?"
"What qualities do I want for my dance?"
"Where are the limits for me and how can I communicate them clearly?
and "How do I stay safely in the border area?"
...can be questions to work and play with.

Prerequisite for participation is at least basic knowledge and experience in Contact Improvisation or another movement form/martial art.
If you have any questions or doubts, just write me an email!

Let's enjoy intensity together - but safely!
playfully yours,

Lachdach Pling München