Direct access to Country/Regional contents

The content of this page is addressed to web developers.

1. Access trough IFRAME

It is possible to access directly to the contents of your geographic area placing an IFRAME on your website.
The iframe will include an URL that contain the code of your country.

Eg. for Italy

Find your country code

You can specify your country using one of this country codes: Country code ISO_3166-1_alpha-2

How to include the iframe on your website

Here you can download a demo that show you how to include the iframe on your website.

2. Access trough API (BETA)

It's possible to retrieve the contets from the calendar trough different API. The datas are returned in JSON format.

API Description
/api/continents Get all the continents and for each one the list of the countries with active events.
/api/teacher/$id Get single teacher datas.
/api/teachers Get all the teachers.
/api/event/$id Get single event datas.
/api/events/country/$countryId Get all the events of a specific country.
/api/events/teacher/$id Get all the events of a specific teacher.
/api/country/{id} Get the data of a specific country. (eg. country name)
/api/countries Get all the countries.