Dolores Dewhurst Marks

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Dolores Dewhurst Marks

Dolores Dewhurst-Marks is a multidisciplinary artists working with dance improvisation, performance, poetry and film.

With her life partner and collaborator Sasha Dodo, directing and curating:

Reverse Rivers Company, is a vehicle for the artistic work
art continuum nomadic residency, designed for international artistic exchange, development and creation;
being nature project, about connection with deeper self and the natural world, embodied poetry and dance with nature;
towards - centre for the practice and research of contact improvisation in Thailand / Asia.

As well they are co-organizers of
Thailand Contact Improisation Conference 2020-2021,
Towards CI50/51 Contact Improvisation Conference 2022-2023,
Being Nature Gathering 2022, Being Nature Art Continuum Residency 2024, Towards 3 week CI Focused Jam 2023-2024, and Quiet and Wild Jam 2019-2024.

Their artistic work interweaves movement, visual and text, with an emphasis on poeticality that reveals contemplative vision, sense of interdependency and underlying presence of the unknown in everyday life. 

In their work with Contact Improvisation, they are interested in encompassing and connecting practitioners to the past, present, and potential future of the form. As well as continuing to share inspirations from their own field of research about deeper integrity of action; the state in which attention, imagination and intuition are embodied in the process of improvisation and self is being expressed as an omnidirectional, collaborative and creative space of expanded awareness.

They are interested in embodiment of the principles in other areas of their work and in everyday life.

In recent years they have been experimenting with placing the practice in the context of a natural environment.

In their organizational and artistic work, Contact Improvisation often serves as the under-lining connective tissue and source of inspiration, and it is one the central mediums for artistic expression.

Their work with CI is largely influenced by the work of such artists: Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, Nita Little, Ruslan Baranov, Lalitaraja Joachim Chandler, Ekaterina Basalaeva, Ray Chung, Ming-Shen Ku, Anjelika Doniy, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Anna Halprin.

They offer an annual in-depth training of Contact Improvisation, Inspiral - month-long intensive. Furthermore, they offer Composing While Improvising - Dance Improvisation, poetry, performance workshop. As well CI is one of the mediums in the Being Nature Project.

Visited countries: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Sweden.
Currently based in Thailand.

As organizers of CI projects separately and together, they have collaborated with Kirstie Simson, Ming-Shen Ku, Anjelica Doniy, Ekaterina Baselaeva, Yasukichi Suzuki, Bari Kim, Mirva Makinen, Katya Mustonen, Bruno Caverna, Vega Luukkonen, Ruslan Baranov, Alexandra Soshnikova & Sergey Golovnea, Zuzanna Bukowski and many others.

They are currently working on creating towards foundation, with the objective of supporting accessibility of their projects, community and artistic development. They are in the process of creating a permanent art residency, which will accommodate their projects and serve as well as a performative platform. They envision a sustainable, inspiring and collaborative environment for personal and collective insight, growth and transformation.