Eckhard Müller

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Eckhard Müller

ECKHARD MÜLLER, born 1962 in a little village s/w of Germany, living in Freiburg (DE) and Strasbourg (FR)

I’ve always liked movement, acrobatics and physical practices, I’ve never liked couple dances, but I enjoyed “free dancing” in parties and discos. I was born and grew up in a small village without any contemporary artistic culture until I saw one day the world of the contemporary dance on the stage in Freiburg, Germany. It made me try out CI and Improvisation in a studio in 88’. This was a revelation that flipped my life upside down. Gradually, from being a social worker, I became a dancer, performer and a teacher, traveling throughout the world to share my experience. I teach CI regularly since 1994. My work was first influenced by the very physical playing with my five brothers, then by gymnastic and acrobatic practices, and later Laban-Bartenieff-Fundamentals, Release Technique, Flying Low material of David Zambrano, the Improvisation work of Julyen Hamilton and in CI by Bernd Ka, Alito Alessi, Nancy Stark Smith among many others…lately I practice yoga.

Significant teachers
Bernd Ka, Alito Alessi, Nancy Stark Smith, Peter Bingham, a.o.

This teacher will teach in this events

Benno Enderlein, Eckhard Müller, Melanie Seeger, Renate Müller-Procyk
E-Werk Studio
Freiburg, Germany
Daniela Schwartz, Eckhard Müller, Melanie Seeger
TIP school for Dance, Improvisation and Performance
Freiburg, Germany