Jo Bruhn

Year of starting to practice
Year of starting to teach
Jo Bruhn

For almost 20 years I have committed my life to the performing arts in various facets.

For a long time the art of playing with fire was my passion. But then, about 10 years ago, dance entered my life. It all started with soft encounters with contact improvisation. Over the years the need to dive deeper into the world of dance grew larger and larger.

In 2009/2010 I took part in the New Dance education with Anna Garms from the Dance Vision Institute. This was followed by numerous different workshops on movement, dance (contact improvisation, tango, lindyhop), voice (Roy Hart), clown, acrobatics and so on....

Then my need to dive deeper into contact improvisation became stronger and stronger. So I started attending courses, festivals and workshops with teachers like Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Elske Seidel, among many others.

After some years I realized that I wanted to widen my horizon in other directions. So I attended the „Dance Intensive“ at Tanzfabrik, Berlin. During this year I connected to the various aspects of contemporary dance.

Through this I was finally able to enter the many layers and concepts of contact improvisation. My intense work with Nancy Stark Smith gave me the base to teach contact improvisation and to integrate it into my other dance projects.

I now teach, organize festivals and enjoy a ongoing CI research.

Significant teachers
Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Britta Pudelko, Vega Lukkonen.