Flor Campise

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Flor Campise

She is a Dr. in Physics and dancer/performer. After sometime, she has found herself reaching a convergence between these two fields -or at least thinking about it- by questioning the paradigms over which she has conceived knowledge construction, and those around perception, body and experience. In particular, it has been through her immersion in dancing (contemporary dance and contact improvisation) that she has found herself within a phenomenology in which she realized that movement, her moving body/being, would position her differently in the perception of her experiences and their conceptual/poetic understanding. Therefore through questioning and talking, she started to develop in a more committed way a research on the notions of moving bodies and their relation to space-time-matter. She dived deeply into contemporary dance in 2010, and has been also dancing contact improvisation since 2012. From 2014 until 2017, she has been part of Proyecto Acronia, a dance company based in Córdoba, Argentina. Together with Proyecto Acronia, she was part of several performances that inquired on experiences/emotions around: gender violence, memory and Argentinian’s last dictatorship, our modern state of urgence and the possibilities of presence in our everyday life, among others. Since she settled in Brussels, she has been facilitating classes and explorations of Improvisation in Contact. She has been part of a research-creation process directed by Meldy Ijpelaar: Moving women in public space at nigh. Her current interests are on decolonizing ways of knowing-being, and in particular how to think bodies and subjectivities through its intensities and gestures. In this sense, she wonders on new cosmology within dance, different ways of perceiving the moving body –in relation to-, gravity, space-time, sounds, others...

Significant teachers
Asaf Bachrach, Otto Akkanen, Ivan Baucia