Thomas Kampe

United Kingdom
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Thomas Kampe

Thomas Kampe (PhD) has worked as a performing artist, researcher and somatic educator across the globe. He has taught and practices CI since 1988. He works as Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University, UK, where he co-directs the Creative Corporealities Research Group. Collaborations include work with Liz Aggiss, Carol Brown, Hilde Holger, Rosemary Lee, Julia Pascal, Tanzinitiative Hamburg and Somatische Akademie Berlin. His research focuses on critical somatic arts legacies. Thomas is editor the IFF research Journal Vol. 6 (2019): Practices of Freedom: The Feldenkrais Method and Creativity. Since 2015 direction of international symposia: (re)storing performance (2015); Theatre, youth, trauma and Europe in crisis (2016); Bodily Undoing –Somatic Performance Cultures and Activisms as critical practice (2016); Beyond Forgetting 1938-2018: persecution/exile/ memory (2018). He currently co-directs the international Body IQ Berlin Festival 2019 with Kai Ehrhardt. He is a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method ® which forms a foundation for his teaching , research and his artistic practice.