Ann Kristin Holten

Year of starting to practice
Year of starting to teach
Ann Kristin Holten

I have been studying CI for 10 years, first while I was studying dance and composition in Oslo, then while travelling around to where there were festivals, workshops and more sun than where I came from, and now, while studying Osteopathy in Oslo. 

Somatic movement, bodywork, improvisation, yoga nidra and meditation practices has been part of my education for some years alongside CI. My favourite CI discoveries until now is how deeply sensing my own body and being aware of the whole jam space are not two different focuses, they come together. The second one was a shift into real-time relating with my dance partners, it is filling the dance with a lot of colours.

I like to teach in a way that facilitates for dropping into our own bones, skin or cells while dancing, as a way to become very alive and very ready. I see the value of learning the basic CI vocabulary as a way to build our playground together. What that vocabulary is is quite fluid, but it is circling around our physicality, the experience of our own physicality and the skill and ability to navigate the relational aspects of CI. 

Significant teachers
Bibbi Winberg, Anjelika Doniey, Nita Little, Autarco Arfini, Paula Zacharias