Ната Postscriptum (Наталия Сибирякова)

Year of starting to practice
Year of starting to teach
Ната Postscriptum (Наталия Сибирякова)

I have meet with Contact in the end of 2009 with Marina Konovalova on her four-days workshop in Russia. I had already small experience in contact jams but since that moment I could say that I met something what I feel very close to me till these days.
I was a person without any dance or movement educating and this work was first experience in my life of studing muvement.

This experience inspired me to my own practis and exploration which included the cooperation of tango with contact improvisation and the clean contact form.
I had a few traumatic episodes in dance which pushed me to "create" my own form of contact based on safety and somatic movement and attention principals. My work with Authentic movement helped me in my practice of CI.

To this point I think that Contact as a form needs more other practices helping to learn movement as it is, to really have ability to meet with that fisical experiance which contact improvisation are ready to give to us.
But do we ready to take it? This is my main question for now.

Significant teachers
Marina Konovalova, Ray Chung, Natanja Den Boeft, Danya Elraz, Yorg Hassman, Katya Basalaeva, Otto Akkanen