Jeremie Chetrit

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Jeremie Chetrit

Born and raised in France, Jeremie Chetrit has been passionately pursuing and practicing Contact Improvisation since 2003. He began teaching CI at Oberlin College in 2004, where he earned his BA in Dance. Since then, he has taught classes and workshops in Montreal, Austin, Houston, Paris and Geneva, and at Earthdance, among other places. He also directs and performs dance-theater pieces which frequently get the audience moving, talking, and thinking. He has been blessed to work and perform with extraordinary dance-makers such as Kirstie Simson, Scott Wells, and Keith Hennessy. Jeremie is also a certified massage therapist who specializes in Structural Integration and Visionary Craniosacral Work.

Jérémie Chetrit pratique le Contact Improvisation depuis 2003. Il commence à enseigner en 2004 auprès de ses camarades à Oberlin College (berceau du Contact Impro aux USA), où il obtient son Bachelor's de danse. Depuis, il continue à étudier aux USA, au Canada et en France, et enseigne entre autres à Montréal, Austin, Houston, Berkeley, Paris, Genève, et Earthdance. Il est également chorégraphe et massothérapeuthe, spécialisé en Intégration Structurelle. Il a eu la chance de danser sur scène pour quelques chorégraphes exceptionnels tels que Kirstie Simson, Scott Wells et Keith Hennessy.

Significant teachers
Kirstie Simson, Scott Wells et Keith Hennessy.