Borja Llorente

Year of starting to practice
Year of starting to teach
Borja Llorente

He starts his path with movement from sports, competing at a young age in national gymnastics, practicing karate and boxing. Years later he discovers Contact Improvisation while living in a community in the Sierra de Gredos, Spain.

He travels to Italy to practice improvisation with Kirstie Simson and Julie Stanzak, Contact Improvisation with Leilani Weis and Thomas Kampe. The travelling continues receiving knowledge from different teachers, in Israel with Daniel Lepkoff, in Germany with Sara Shelton Mann and Scott Wells, with Mirva Mäkinen in India and in Spain. Investigating with own creations, organizing workshops and Contact Improvisation festivals. Simultaneously he continues his career as a coach, giving workshops focused on personal growth. He is a coach in groups of children, adolescents and families, where his main job is to create affective bonds between people through the body.



Ha iniziato il suo viaggio con il movimento sportivo, gareggiando in tenera età nella ginnastica sportiva a livello nazionale, praticando Karate e Boxing. Anni dopo scoprirono Contact Improvisation, vivere in una comunità nella Sierra de Gredos (Spagna).

Viaggia in Italia allenandosi in improvvisazione ed performance con Kirstie Simson e Julie Stanzak. Contatta Improvisation con Leilani Wais e Thomas Kampe. Continua a viaggiare e ricevere conoscenze da diversi insegnanti, in Israele con Daniel Lepkoff, in Germania con Sara Shelton Mann, Scott Wells e con Mirva Mäkinen in India e Spagna. Ricerca con le tue creazioni, organizza seminari, incontri e festival di Contact Improvisation.



Inicia su camino con el movimiento desde el deporte, compitiendo a temprana edad en gimnasia deportiva a nivel nacional, practica Karate y Boxeo. Años más tarde descubre el Contact improvisación viviendo en una comunidad en la Sierra de Gredos (España).

Viaja a Italia formándose en improvisación y performance con Kirstie Simson y Julie Stanzak. Contact Improvisación con Leilani Wais y Thomas Kampe. Continua viajando y recibiendo conocimiento de diferentes maestros, en Israel con Daniel
Lepkoff, en Alemania con Sara Shelton Mann, Scott Wells y con Mirva Mäkinen en India y España. Investiga con creaciones propias, organiza talleres, encuentros y festivales de Contact Improvisación.

Significant teachers
Kirstie Simson, Julie Stanzak, Leilani Weis, Thomas Kampe, Daniel Lepkoff, Sara Shelton Mann, Scott Wells, Mirva Mäkinen, Anya Cloud, Charlie Morissey