Jens Riszmann

Year of starting to practice
Year of starting to teach
Jens Riszmann
  • Fencing as a competitive sport
  • Contact and enthusiasm for improvisation theatre and performances
  • „Playing Arts“ Drama and theatre education in Gelnhausen
  • 1998 Start of a regular Taiji Chuan practice
  • Change from fencing as a distance sport to judo as a contact sport
  • 2012 Discovery of Contact Improvisation as a playful form of movement without winners or losers

As a Contact Improvisation Instructor and Taiji Teacher I research the possibilities of playfully easy, flowing movement in body and mind and combine personal essences of my "movement biography" from martial arts, Taiji and play.

Significant teachers
Mario Portmann, Christoph Riemer, Thomas Kirchner, Wee Kee Jin, Bernd Knappe, Anja Bettenhäuser, Heike Pourian, Paolo Cingolani, Itay Yatuf …