Anna-Vilmine ( Pippi ) Wallin

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Anna-Vilmine ( Pippi ) Wallin

I am a dancer, ci practitioner, teacher and performing artist currently based in Malmö, Sweden.

Dancing from the age of two, into gymnastics and vaulting - with a physical background I have constantly been creating in movement. I studied New Dance and Performative Practices at DOCH Dance and Circus School in Stockholm (Se), Bewegungs-art in Freiburg (De), Kibbutz Contemporary Training in Ga'aton (Il), Karelia Dance Departement in Outokumpu (Fi), The Academy in Copenhagen (Dk), and Experimental Facilitation and Drama Pedagogy at MAU Malmö University (Se). Beyond school I traveled the world to learn from- and through dancing with great teachers and practitioners. Developed a profound love for contact improvisation as a form and dedicate my life to create space for connecting in movement.

I host and teach Ci, improvisation and creative composition classes, jams and workshops nationally and internationally. During the last years I have facilitated at schools and festivals in countries as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Holland, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Sri Lanka. In my life I consider dancing just as necessary as food, sleep, love and shelter.

My work intends to find space where art and therapy meet. I research perception of importance and need in the sense of creating connection in my personal dance, as in performative setting. What is connection? Where is it to be found? How to listen, be, breath, question, take responsibility, find independence, meet space, create space, commit to what is there and develop what is there. Technique and intuition - falling in and out of balance, manipulating mental and physical gravity, playing with surface, space and unlearning patterns and preconceptions.



Content of Practise

Acrobatics, Authentic Movement, Axis Syllabus, Ballet, Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary and Experimental Dance, Feldenkrais, Gaga, Hasya Yoga (Laugh For No Reason Methods), Iyengar Yoga, Klein Technique, Mindfulness (practise and teach at Elementary- and Middle school), Movement Therapy, Physical Theatre, Pranayama Breathing Techniques into Movement, Shiatsu Therapy, Swedish Massage and Vipassana Practitioner.