Thomas Körtvélyessy

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Thomas Körtvélyessy

Thomas is working on dance in and of the moment, a.o. with his own Reàl Dance Company. One of the hallmarks of his work is called con·sens·us - working with perception of onself and others and the environment in the moment.

Thomas is also a certified Master Teacher of Kinetic Awareness®, a bodymind somatic practice that centers the student and their perception of their own body and its unique possibilities. Hollow rubber balls of various sizes enable movement in all possible directions and help dissolve held tensions.

Thomas is advisor to Contact Zone Rotterdam, an initiative exploring the possibilities of and related to contactimprovisation.

Significant teachers
Elaine Summers, Eva Karczag, Natanja den Boeft, Mary Fulkerson-O'Donnell, Eszther Gál, Donald Fleming, Hilke Diemer, Els van Buren, Pauline de Groot, Danny Lepkoff, Frey Faust