Frederic Holzwarth

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Frederic Holzwarth

I have a deep trust in the form, which to me is a transformative and emancipatory practice that can empower people. In practicing CI, we can update our self and body images, rethink our social roles and gender relationships and also research any kind of individual questions.

In teaching, I create an environment, an experiential space that allows for self-exploration and may strengthen a sense of self-responsibility. Gestalt therapy and the philosophy of the mind influence my view on teaching.

I finished the Dance-Trainee Program for Contemporary and Classical Dance at the Leipzig Dance Theatre and I am inspired by Tango and Acroyoga. Apart from dancing I am doing research on Biodiversity.

Significant teachers
​In my research, I am influenced mostly by, among others: Nancy Stark Smith, Jörg Haßmann, Daniel Werner, Alessio Trevisani, Frey Faust, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung, Heike Pourian – and my students. Most importantly, I have learned and continue to learn from so many inspiring dancers in the vibrant and challenging local and worldwide ci community. ​Dancers I've worked with and who inspired me include: Christin Schmidt, Dieter Heitkamp, Elisa Ghion, Eva Janotta, Eva Kreuter, Florian Busch, Heike Pourian, Srik Narayanan, Susanne Held, and Ulrike Christl.

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Frederic Holzwarth
Leipzig, Germany