Joey Lehrer

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Joey Lehrer

Joey Lehrer has been dancing as far back as he can remember. He is a improvisational artist and movement teacher, and bookkeeper.  Joey has studied CI with State of Flux, Martin Hughes, Karen Nelson, Ray Chung, Joerg Hassmann, Gustavo Lecce and Andrew Harwood.  He has taught and performed extensively across Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany and the United States. As a key contributor to the Australian CI landscape, Joey has been a co-organiser of the Australian Contact Improvisation Convergence (ACIC) and co-editor of Proximity magazine. His most recent CI projects include co-producer of the proximity magazine podcast, half of the Melbourne-based CI duo [ two for now ] with Emily Bowman, as well as mentoring new and emerging CI teachers. In his teaching, Joey enjoys creating a sense of playful focus, where improvisation allows a deepening of concepts and skills. He also enjoys the interplay of CI with his other somatic practices.

Significant teachers
State of Flux, Martin Hughes, Ray Chung, Karen Nelson, Joerg Hassmann, Gustavo Lecce and Andrew Harwood.