OPEN DOORS - Videoclips for free

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5 Sep 2020
5 Sep 2020 @ 10.00 am 6.00 pm - Oederlin Areal, Landstrasse 2b, Obersiggenthal, Rieden bei Baden, Switzerland - Show map
OPEN DOORS - Videoclips for free - - Rieden bei Baden, Switzerland

OPEN DOORS Oederlin Areal, Rieden bei Baden: 

The whole Industry Areal with Ateliers & Studios will be open and there are many different tings to see and paticipate.

Videoinstallations about the different Dance Styles, Moving and Lessons Sa 5.9.2020

Oederlin Areal, Landstrasse 2b, Obersiggenthal
Rieden bei Baden
Region St. Gallen - Ostschweiz