Rhondali Nezha

Beginn Deiner CI Praxis (Jahr)
Beginn als CI Lehrer*in (Jahr)
Rhondali Nezha

Since discovering the Contact Improvisation, Nezha went to explore the different CI communities worldwide. Two years of traveling form in Contact improvisation, somatic dance techniques and improvisation, Spain, Germany, Canada, the United States and Latin America. During traveling the world to contact improvisation, she understood the universal aspect of this practice and decided to settle in Morocco to share this practice and link to projects committed to social and environmental changes. She creates “Irtijal” association that counts among its activities the transmission of contact improvisation and improvisation dance through regular classes, JAMS, and monthly workshops in Morocco given by Nezha and by international teachers who support the project Irtijal. Nezha for the practice of contact improvisation must accommodate all differences and different styles while to establish a universal language. His teaching base is therefore essentially somatic techniques that awakens consciousness of his body mixed with contact improvisation techniques that allow to cross the paths of each space in a secure, fun and enjoyable way !

Bedeutende CI Lehrer*innen
Joerg Hasmann