Kira Maria Kirsch

Beginn Deiner CI Praxis (Jahr)
Beginn als CI Lehrer*in (Jahr)
Kira Maria Kirsch


Kira is a movement enthusiast, teacher, dancer, researcher, community organizer, mother and passionate initiator/curator living in Berlin part of Lake Studios, an artist-run dance, research, production and living space. 

She is deeply invested into creating and shaping spaces for people to experience,learn about and sensitize their mind-body-movement continuum. She has pioneered, taught and continuously researched through the lens of the Axis Syllabus (AS)  for almost two decades, is a co-organiser of the Nomadic College at Earthdance, leads teacher laboratories and has build a community for AS research in the Bay Area, California from 2006 - 2012. 

In 2014 she started co-curating a new annual dance festival called “SENSING IN” and is establishing a regular educational program under the name of Movement Artisans together with Antoine Ragot at Lake Studios/Berlin. 

She recently had a guest lectureship at the HZT University of Arts in Berlin and is invited to festivals and institutions such as Impulstanz/Austria, Ravnedans/Norway, TQW-Vienna or the Goa Contact Festival among many other as well as private initiatives of the grass root type.

As a performer Kira has danced in the works of Sara Shelton Mann (US), David Szlasa (US), Avy K. Productions (RU), Christine Bonansea (US/FR), Half Machine (DK), ABCdance collective/Frey Faust, Cie. Anna Tenta (AT) and in numerous collaborations with her peers. From 2009 -2012 she collaborated with Montrealer Kelly Keenan and their creations "species - a moving body exposition" and "useless creatures" have been presented in the US, Canada and Austria. 

Current projects are the establishment of the CoLaboratory Berlin, a research initiative for somatic communication (ISSC-Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication),  hands-on intra-actions, her garden and nursing the new family member. 


Bedeutende CI Lehrer*innen
Frey Faust, Nita Little, Sara Shelton Mann, Jörg Hassmann

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Kira Maria Kirsch, Nica Portavia, Sonja Paffrath, Ulli Wittemann
Gemeinschaft Schloss Tempelhof
Kressberg, Germany