Bianca Mendonca

Beginn Deiner CI Praxis (Jahr)
Beginn als CI Lehrer*in (Jahr)
Bianca Mendonca


I'm Bianca. I am a Contact Improvisation practitioner & facilitator, a Yogic Therapist and a life artist who is constantly experimenting with different forms of movement applying them to living a better daily life. My professional background involves 9 years in tourism as a guide leading people trekking and climbing in the Indian Himalayas and Sahyadris, and cycling around histories of cities like Paris and Barcelona. I've also dabbled in wildlife tourism and research while in South Africa, made a documentary and short videos as an independent filmmaker and taught English as a foreign language.

While movement has always been a part of my life, I never realised its impact till I discovered Contact Improvisation in 2020. I recently spent almost 2 years living in a traditional Institution studying Yogic Therapy and is fascinated by the multitude of ways to go deeper into ourselves through our bodies. To me, CI is life, everything I experiences in it's playground helps me in the play of daily life. There is no structure, yet there are principles; there are no steps yet there is space to keep exploring the dance for the rest of our lives; there is no leader nor follower but listening is the key element to develop a continuity in movement. To continue my Guiding journey, my mission now is to share mt learnings through improvised methods that allow each individual to discover their uniqueness for themselves. Movement is the key. Contact Improvisation is the door that the key goes through. Then you discover wat you never knew...

Bedeutende CI Lehrer*innen
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