Priscilla Pizzol

Beginn Deiner CI Praxis (Jahr)
Beginn als CI Lehrer*in (Jahr)
Priscilla Pizzol

I am a dancer, movement researcher and author of theatrical performances that use the language of dance. After graduating from the Salzburg Experimental Dance Academy (SEAD), I collaborated with several choreographers and directors (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui for Joe Wright's film, Agostina D'Alessandro, Compagnia Oltrenotte, Compagnia Dejá Dónnè) as an interpreter for their creations artistic. At the same time, the desire to develop personal projects arose. In 2019 "Vengo a perderti" was born, an entirely improvised solo which received the "dance" award within the SoloCoreographic Festival - Lavanderia a Vapore. With this first authorial work I participated in several festivals including: Solo Dance Festival in Ankara, SHOWCASE at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan and MASH-Jerusalem International Dance Week. Together with Edoardo Sgambato we have created "Macula", an artistic research collective that debuted in 2023 with its first work "Amelia". The project has received recognition for choreographic writing at the Cortoindanza Festival and participates in numerous festivals with a site-specific version, including: Conformazioni, Performare Festival, InCastro Festival, Rassegna Logos, Caffeine. We are currently working on "Melancholia", an installation project which was presented in the form of a study at BASE-Centro Culturale in Milan in the framework of the Più che dance Festival and at the Ethnographic Museum of Parma, within the Parma Moving Festival. In addition to the authorial path, I am a teacher in training qualified to teach CAM of the Feldenkrais® method and creator and organizer of "Landscapes for Composition" in collaboration with CorPoetica. A project, with the focus on the technique of instant composition that has involved artists such as Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara, Maya M. Carroll & Agostina D'alessandro I share my transformation practices through explorations inspired by the study of the Feldenkrais® method and Instant Composition. The entire self is invited to immerse itself in a perceptive-imaginative state within which to transform and manifest itself freely in all its expression and incisiveness.

Bedeutende CI Lehrer*innen
Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara, Maya M. Carroll & Agostina D'alessandro