Stephanie Maher


Stephanie Maher is a dancer, choreographer, improviser and teacher, originally based in New York, then San Francisco, then Berlin. She is known for her breathtaking physicality and for creating works that express a unique blend of intimacy, sensitivity, and wild humor. She has been teaching performance making, release-based techniques, and contact improvisation in an international setting since 1992. Since her move to Berlin in 1998, Stephanie has performed, organized, developed, and taught in the community-based settings of K77 Studios in Berlin, and founded the Ponderosa Tanzland Festival and P.O.R.C.H. in Stolzenhagen, Germany.

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Eszter Gal, Karl Frost, Nica Portavia, Stephanie Maher, Tamara Maksymenko, Yu Gen, Alexander Kosko
Gomarduli Dao Space
Gomarduli, Georgia