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alain montebran

Alain Montebran is a world class Contact Improvisation Dance teacher from France, a Feldenkrais method teacher, Gestalt therapist,  Tai Chi Chuan practitioner, a performer and a visual artist. He discovered the Contact Improvisation Dance technique in 1981 through the teachings of Didier Sihhol, Suzanne Cotto, Mark Tompkins, Steve Paxton, Patricia Bardi, Kirstie Simson, Ollivier Besson. Alain has been teaching Contact Improvisation since 1983. Fed with his own artistic, pedagogic and therapeutic practice of 25 years of clinical practice of Feldenkrais Functional integration, he offers a teaching opening bridges between the creative process, the energetic practices, the biomechanics and the Gestalt theory or philosophy. For many years he lead research work about the creative process and the possibilities of movement, which gave birth to a Somatic Development Center, Beaulieu, and to an Association, Spirales, located in Le Mans, France (


Significant teachers
Didier Sihhol, Suzanne Cotto, Mark Tompkins, Steve Paxton, Kirstie Simson, Ollivier Besson