Wonder AKA Stephen Harvey

United States
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Wonder AKA Stephen Harvey

Stephen Harvey also known as Wonder started his movement inquiry in 2001. They continued to dedicate time into improvisational movement. They trained 100’s of hours between 2004-2009 as a wrestler which inform his kinesthetic awareness as a dancer and movement educator. They started social dancing in 2011, which lead to building movement understanding in partnership, connection, rhythm, floor craft, social etiquette, consent based practices, and listening. In 2012 they declared dance as part of their higher education program at Western Washington University paired with Communication and leadership studies. They spent three years learning technique in Ballet, Modern, movement patterns, movement in cultures. In 2015 they enrolled in a partner class with Rick Merril. This is when Contact Improvisation was experienced, which has been a continued practice. After experiencing Contact Improvisation (CI), they became dedicated to learning CI. Spiraling into the world that carries emphasis in being present, authentic movement, mindful practice, weight sharing, point of contact, and countlist movement pathways. They began teaching social dances at local fusion events in Bellingham, Seattle, Canada, and other venues. Has been holding space for Contact Jam in Bellingham since 2015.

Significant teachers
Steve Paxton Nita Little Martin Keogh Nancy Stark Smith (Underscore) Ann Cooper Alicia Grayson Peter Bingham Stuart Philips Paul Singh