Sarah Gottlieb

Year of starting to practice
Year of starting to teach

Sarah was first introduced to Contact Improvisation (CI) through Asimina Chremo’s work with Freestreet Theater in Chicago, 2002. Some years later, at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, she had the opportunity to work with many professors whose training in post-modern compositional improvisation and/or somatics was highly influenced by Contact Improvisation and the artists at the Judson Church. Sarah later returned to Chicago and immersed herself in the GLACIER community, which regularly unites pockets of CI practitioners from across the Great Lakes Area of the Midwestern USA for jams, workshops, and intensives with some of CI’s greatest, and most historic teachers. Eventually facillitating the Chicago Jam as part of the Chicago Contact Improv Collective opened the pathway to her career as a CI teacher.

Sarah has taught workshops and intensives in Renne, France; Valencia, Madrid, and País Vasco, Spain; Cali, Colombia and in the USA in Chicago, San Francisco, Boulder and New York; and has been invited to teach at festivales such as WWICJ (in California) in 2014, GLACIER (WI, USA) in 2013-2015, and La Topaketa (Basque Country, Spain) in 2018.

She’s been a guest at DePaul University, Purdue University, Columbia College, The University of Chicago, and La Universidad de Nebrija, y La Universidad de Cali, Colombia.

Sarah has coordinated many CI events, and was the Artistic Coordinator of GLACIER, the Midwest's oldest regional CI retreat, in 2015/16. GLACIER (Great Lakes Area Contact Improv Enthusiasts Retreat).

In various professional contexts, Sarah has facilitated CI in connection to early childhood physical development, adolecent development, ecological research, foreign language education, and social justice activism. Sarah has worked with people with disabilities, sexual minorities, and survivors of sexual trauma.

Currently based in Madrid, Sarah has been continuing to lab, perform, teach and research CI. Through classes, jams, writings and workshops, she has been specfically addressing consent, queer paradigms, and minority experiences within CI. Her lifeline to the US, Sarah regularly publishes articles about ethical sexuality in Richard Kim’s New York based Contact Improvisation Blog.

Significant teachers
Colaboradoras importantes: Aurora Valverde, Cata Mahecha, Clare Tallon Ruen.