Georgi Petkov

Year of starting to practice
Year of starting to teach
Georgi Petkov

My name is Georgi Petkov from Sofia, Bulgaria, I am 37. I have been interested in contemporary dance and art for many years. I have studied and danced Contact Improvisation since the beginning of 2014 with different teachers. I've always been attracted to sports, dance and physical play. My movement background also includes Yoga, Tai Chi and Axis Syllabus. I organize weekly classes and jams in my home town.

Significant teachers
Natalia Golubtsova, Ruslan Baranov, Natalia Trofimova, Tamas Bako, Sasha Dodo, Katja Mustonen, Jorg Hassman, Andrew Wass, Adrian Russi, Stephen Batts, Jorg Gonner and many others.