Adrien Fried

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Adrien Fried

Adrien Fried is a contact improvisation teacher from France currently living in Israel. His movement studies began in 2013 when he discovered the Ido Portal Method, and has since then explored many fields of movement and bodywork including various martial arts, acrobatics, contemporary dance and Feldenkrais.

I have been passionate about contact improvisation and have been assiduously attending jams, classes and festivals since 2013, developing my own interest in this practice. What I have discovered is a huge world of research, with questions such as: How does what I do influence my physical, emotional mental state? How does the structure of my body adapt to what I do? How can I communicate better? Be more attentive? And most importantly: How can I live this life to the fullest? How can I use all this energy I have?

Significant teachers
Anya Cloud