Gonzalo "Zito" Barales

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Gonzalo "Zito" Barales

Gonzalo Barales is a movement artist, researcher and teacher. His focus is put on movement as a fountain of wellbeing, empowerment and freedom. 

He began training traditional Kung Fu and Tai ji Quan in 2001 and keeps training until todays. He was fascinated with this poethic, sutile and super powerful world of movemen and philosophy that chinesse martials combine. Specially with the Taoist philosophy and the power of stillnes, not doing, listening to the other intentions through touch. 

Parallel to this path, he studied Yoga, Phisiotherapy and Chinesse Medicine.

In 2013 he decides to switch his movement research from martial arts into movement exploration. Specificly doing Contemporary dance (flying low and release), Improvisation (Gaga technique), Ballet through biomechanics and Contact Improvisation. He was part of a experimentation and creation group from 2013 to 2020 where they would research, develope and perform after long and deeps processes.

He finds on the CI spaces a very deep and powerful space to get connected with our deeper selves and also to connect honestly with the collective and groupality. Through touch a lot of deep mechanisms can get thriggered and creating safe spaces and containers to work on this is love, patience and care is a real and signifcant opportunity for personal and collective Growth, integration and transformation. 

Significant teachers
Julia Gomez Federico Perez Gelardi Nadine Gerspacher Jeronimo Milo Gianfranco Pace Karen Scott Stepahinie Auverbille Ramon Roig Malen Iturri Sergio Palomares Javier Cura Simonetta Alesandri