Stefanie Nicolaou

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Stefanie Nicolaou

I studied Medical Genetics, the 'codes' that hold life together and Clinical Embryology at the University of Oxford, learning about the science of conception, fertility and pregnancy. Through my travels and life’s lessons after graduation, clinical science on its own, felt incomplete to answer some of my deep questions about body-mind connection and human disease, fertility and intimacy (dis-ease; not in ease with something within). I started studying and I continue to study metaphysics, inner alchemy and vibrational medicine at the Fusion 7 Healing school of complementary Medicine, which I integrate in my work. In 2014 I trained alongside Michelle Odent, a pioneer gynaecologist and a highly inspiring figure in the field of natural birth, to become a Birth Doula and dedicated myself in serving this timeless art of birthing as a Doula and a Birth Guide. Through my work with pregnancy and birth, I started researching how touch and intimacy affects perinatal psychology and the human experience from conception onwards. Studying Tao - Tantra bodywork and emotional detox through bodywork, with Mal Weeraratne, a student of Tao master Mantak Chia, has given me the ‘missing link’ for my work and the tools for addressing disease at a cellular level. I am passionate about holding space for healing, support and empowerment. I work with women, men and couples offering an integrated mind-body approach that bridges modern science with ancient somatic Tao -Tantra practices. My speciality covers the spectrum of sexuality, fertility, birth and postpartum.

Stefanie’s work is focused on re-awakening the intelligence of the body and reviving instincts and intuition as forms of communication, one beyond words. She has a background in Clinical Embryology and she is the founder of Women Awakenings Academy. She works as a tantric therapist and educator, as well as a Birth Doula, specialized in fertility, birth and mindful sexuality. contact improvisation has been a catalyst in her work for the last 4 years, giving the opportunity exploring ‘intimacy’ in a different setting. In her embodiment workshops, she combines tantric practices with contact improvisation as tools for connecting deeper with the body, exploring the spectrum of intimacy and using the senses as gateways to understand polarity. Her research questions how intimacy affects the human experience from conception onwards and ways to reset the nervous system by activating psychosomatic intelligence.

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