Leslie Heydon

United States
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Leslie Heydon

Leslie Heydon was raised by amateur, dedicated dancers and remembers her grandmother going dancing Saturday nights in gold sparkled shoes. She earned a BA in Psychology and Fine Arts and trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist. Leslie worked in Addictions, in specialized programs for Women and Black youth, providing individual therapy and facilitating groups. Meanwhile she completed an Outdoor Leadership program at Outward Bound. Twenty years ago, Leslie started dancing 5 Rhythms. In 2016, after years of toe-dipping, she began the practice of Contact Improvisational Dance in earnest. She facilities a monthly Person of Colour CI Jam and is on the Toronto Sunday Contact Jam Safety Committee. These experiences sharpened Leslie’s awareness of consent culture. Attending a multi-day Wheel of Consent workshop with Betty Martin sparked her desire to delve further, particularly into how gender, race and other dimensions of identity and power impact consent culture within CI. Her passion is to explore and guide, in the outdoor wilderness, on the dance floor and in the internal wilderness of the soul.

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