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Benno Voorham

Benno Voorham is a dance improviser, choreographer and teacher from the Netherlands, living in Sweden since 1995. After his graduation in 1986 from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam he has worked internationally as an independent dance-artist, directing his own work as well as collaborating with others in both set and improvised pieces.
He was a founding member of the international improvisation ensemble Alternating Currents (1992-1994). Between 1993 and 2007 he was a member of the Greek dance-theatre company ‘Wrong Movement’ and he has worked as a dancer/actor at the City Theatre of Stockholm between 2005 and 2007.
During the more than 30 years of his dancing career, he has performed, choreographed and/or taught in almost all European countries as well as in the Americas, Japan and India.
He is teaching extensively internationally since 1986. His teaching is primarily focused on Improvisation and Contact Improvisation. Benno has been a major force in introducing CI to many of the Eastern European countries since 1997.
In both 1998 and 2002 he organized the ECITE conference (European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange) in Sweden together with Sybrig Dokter, with whom he founded LAVA-Dansproduktion in 1997.
In both his teaching and performance work, he is interested in exploring the creative, narrative potentials of the human body through movement. In recent years he started to explore ways to include video in his performance work, both pre-recorded material and life streaming.
In recent years he created several performance projects, including groups of marginalised young people. 2012/2013: the project HOME with social orphans in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. 2014/2015: Waiting in the Margins with internal displaced teenagers in Georgia. 2017: Karuselldörrar (Revolving Doors) with refugees in Gothenburg. 2018/2019: Tomorrow’s Witnesses with elderly survivors of the second world war and young refugees in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Benno Voorham has received grants from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, National Endowment of the Arts in Sweden, Swedish Institute, Nordic Culture Point, Swedish Postcode Foundation, Nordic Culture Foundation, European Cultural Foundation and several local and regional foundations.
He received several art-stipend from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Estonian Cultural Capital and the Cultural Capital Foundation of Latvia.

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