Rick Nodine

United Kingdom
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Rick Nodine

My dancing began socially as a teenager and the first technical form to channel my enthusiasm was Contact Improvisation. After some modern dance training I performed through the 90's for British contemporary dance companies. 

I maintain an improvisational performance practice and have collaborated with many dancers, actors, musicians and designers to create improvised performance.

As a choreographer, I have made work for many contexts, including major Opera houses, small theatres, art galleries, touring dance companies and warehouse parties. I am now making performance work that borrows from the strategies of Installation Art and participatory performance. 

My choreographic practice has followed and sometimes led the development of my teaching. I started teaching Contact Improvisation at London Contemporary Dance School In 2001 and gradually expanded the scope of my pedagogy to include composition, performance and voice/movement techniques.

Maestros significativos
Kirsty Simpson and Lisa Nelson