Año de comenzar a practicar
Año de comenzar a enseñar

I came to this world in 1971 in a small town in the Rias Bajas, Galicia. I decided study journalism because I wanted to observe and understand the reality beyond my surroundings. But always I felt something was missing in my life until in 2000 I finally found a Jam of CI in Barcelona. Since them my priorities changed and in the last 5 five years I manage with my partner a place in the countryside in Asturias, focused in the practice and study of CI and Somatics.

Maestros significativos
Martin Keogh and continue with others like Olaf Kehler, Ramon Roig Arnal, Maria Paz Brozas, Asaf Bachraf, Daniela Schwartz y Eckhard Müller, Andrew Harwood, Karl Frost, Clarice Monier, Urs Stauffer, Cristiane Boullosa y Marisa Brugarolas..