Authentic Contact Thursday

14 Dec 2023
14 Dec 2023 @ 9.30 am 11.30 am
Aikido Schule Cologne - Neusser Str. 26, Köln, Germany - Show map
The event happens every Thursday until 05/12/2024
Authentic Contact Thursday - Aikido Schule Cologne - Köln, Germany

The possibilities of our body give us a framework. Which principles should we be aware of? Can we extend the frame?

Contact Improvisation thrives on the mindfulness of oneself and others. How does it work? How do you dance and play with each other mindfully?

Experimenting with principles of non-violent communication. Perceive needs in a dance without judging. Can we express our needs in a dance? How can I set clear boundaries and give freedom? Can I feel needs of others and give empathy?

No specic pre-requisites, experiences or special physical conditions required. A dose of curiosity is helpful.

Aikido Schule Cologne

Neusser Str. 26

220qm soft tatami mats

500m from Cologne Main Station

100m from Subway Station Ebertplatz

Free Parking 400m away Theodor-Heuss-Anlage