Spiral & Root: Earthdance Professional Contact Improvisation Training

6 Jan 2025 -  26 Jan 2025
6 Jan 2025 @ 12.00 am 26 Jan 2025 @ 12.00 am
Earthdance - 52 Prospect Street, Plainfield, United States - Show map
Spiral & Root: Earthdance Professional Contact Improvisation Training - Earthdance - Plainfield, United States

SPIRAL & ROOT: Earthdance Professional Contact Improvisation Training

06-26 January 2025

For those who are longing for a deep and durational dive into CI research, pedagogy, and professional training, you’re invited to gather with us for three weeks from January 6th through 26th, 2025. 

With nine teachers from Europe, North & South America, and the Middle East representing some of the highest quality of CI instruction available, this one-of-a kind professional training promises to deliver a container for the continuation of targeted and passionate CI research. 

Ray Chung, Mirva Mäkinen, Keith Hennessy, Meta Bobbe, Itay Yatuv, Pilar Echavarria, Chris Aiken, Sarah Young, Lisa Lani Nahele Schmidt

Who is this for?
Spiral & Root is a place of meeting and dialogue between elders and newer generations of dancers, facilitating the continued development and evolution of CI. In addition to developing and refining the necessary technical skills for practicing and facilitating CI, this training will likewise focus on career development and for those who wish to further their professional tools, networks, and offerings. This intensive is especially valuable for those who wish to further integrate CI training and research into their careers and practices of community building. Further, there will also be opportunities for dialogue and inquiry around the original values and intentions of CI.

The Venue
As the oldest intentional community founded on Contact Improv, it’s only natural that Earthdance has long been host to some of the most comprehensive and rigorous trainings for teachers and dedicated practitioners of CI. Since its founding in 1986, Earthdance has been committed to a spirit of improvisation and heart-centered community through CI-informed movement practices and research. As CI and notions of community have evolved and developed further, Earthdance has likewise adapted and integrated the changes that have cohered, playing host to countless jams and trainings that further progress the dance form.



52 Prospect Street
United States

Vision A vibrant, curious, and equitable society grounded in social justice, healthy community living, embodied movement, and ecological stewardship.

Mission Earthdance strengthens connections between people, communities, and the earth by creating a center for experiential learning, creative exchange, and Contact Improvisation.

Values Statement We value dance and somatic inquiry, collaborative community engagement, interdisciplinary exploration, artistic expression, a deep connection to the natural environment, and participation across social differences including race, sexual identity, gender, age, class, and ability.

Core Values Dance. We value innovative and experimental movement practice, which is essential for the growth of the field of dance, and our understanding of the living body. We recognize that dance can equally be an art form, an integrative process, and a social forum.

Improvisation. We value improvisation as an experiential practice, both in the studio and in daily life. Improvisation cultivates skills such as ensemble thinking, play, composition techniques, and presence. One can benefit from improvisational practices as a beginner, as well as through development over a lifetime of craft.

Contact Improvisation (CI). CI is a core dance practice at Earthdance, and integral to how we live and work together. Through Contact Improvisation, we investigate our moving body, support one another, explore momentum, and experiment collectively. By hosting CI events, Earthdance is mutually affecting a regional, national, and international CI scene.

Intelligence of the Body. We think with more than our minds! Connectivity to physicality is useful not only for one's growth, but also for making dances, constructing buildings, having empathy, and inspiring new thinking in most realms of human activity.

Artist-Run. A core of residential staff integrates artistic practice with everyday work commitments. The staff and artists who collectively organize Earthdance activities uphold our values and are an integral part of furthering our mission and vision.

Cultural Exchange. Making art is a form of making culture. Earthdance offers opportunities for intercultural, inter-regional, interdisciplinary, and international exchange. Through providing diverse programming, Earthdance cultivates vehicles for creative process that supports an inclusive and pluralistic society.

Community. We value collective work, consensus-based decision making, and the cultivation of community through work and play. We believe that as we negotiate and collaborate, the practices we develop model and serve our society's development.

Local Community. We value the concept of ‘think globally, act locally.' We foster a variety of programming focused on developing dialogues amongst our local communities, both on our land and at regional community centers.

Ecology. Ecology implies the relationship between our physical actions, our environment, and the social landscape. Earthdance is dedicated to researching and enacting sustainable and durable building practices. We value sustainability in our facilities, our programming, and our daily activities, and through this, the stewardship of our land.

Access. We provide options for accessibility and affordability in our programming.

Social Justice. We value non-violence and social justice in our community building practices. We believe society can be strengthened through dance and community praxis. We reflect these ideals in our organization, programs, and participatory methodology.