Zero to Flying

8 Jun 2024 -  9 Jun 2024
8 Jun 2024 @ 11.00 am 9 Jun 2024 @ 4.00 pm Studio Cologne City (Aikido Schule) - Neusser Str. 26, Köln, Germany - Show map
Zero to Flying - Studio Cologne City (Aikido Schule) - Köln, Germany

Contact improv / flying maneuvers / fluid acrobatics

Aerial aspects of contact improvisation:
flying, catching, landing, fluid acrobatics, deft maneuvers. For the acrobatics. Everyone will work at their own level and will learn best by building group safety and trust. I aim to connect the work to somatic knowledge. We’ll do some of my favorite contact exercises and current curiosities. Created or learned
over the decades investigation and indulgence. At The Athletic Playground we’ll use the fabulous mats to learn a variety of acrobatic/contact maneuvers. With repetition we become oriented and tricks become skills. Studio Cologne City (Aikido Schule)

Neusser Str. 26

220qm soft tatami mats

500m from Cologne Main Station

100m from Subway Station Ebertplatz

Free Parking 400m away Theodor-Heuss-Anlage