Mireia Aragones

Année de début de pratique
Année de début d'enseignement
Mireia Aragones

Movement researcher and teacher of the Alexander Technique, Pilates and Improvisation. Learns and explores with Contact improvisation and Instant Compositions since 2002, and starts sharing it in her classes from 2008 onward. She works mainly in Berlin (Tanzfabrik, Atelier für Physisches Theater, Mime Centrum…), assists Elisabeth Molle in the bachelor and master dance studies (HZT) and continues being involved as a dancer and organizer inside the Berlin´s independent art scene. Her classes reflect her interest in human development and behavior, physiology, presence and the power of touch.

Enseignants-es importants-es
Kistie Simson, Eva Karzacg, Julien Hamilton, Christine Mauch, Jeorg Hassmann, Martin Keogh, Nancy Stark Smith, Sebastian Garcia Ferro, Heike Kuhlmann, Asaf Bachrach